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AKTIVO is an Australian made and owned premium brand of household cleaning products promising to deliver outstanding results through serious formulas derived from the latest worldwide technology.

AKTIVO chemists have 70 years combined experience of developing cleaning products and are committed to offering you products that ensure your appliances are operating at their optimal performance, whilst being gentle on your hands and the environment.

The product line includes a range of dishwashing, laundry, kitchen and coffee cleaning products.

The AKTIVO brand is active in providing a beautifully packaged product that will fit into the modern décor of your home and delivers outstanding results and the best value for money for the customer.


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Citrus All Purpose Cleaner 750mL
AKTIVO All Purpose Cleaner is a eco-friendly, natural, citrus fresh scented and strong cleaner ..
Price: $8.95
Dishwashing + Washing Machine Descaler 400g
AKTIVO Dishwashing + Washing Machine Descaler will return your dishwasher to its peak efficiency. It..
Price: $21.95
Easy Off Oven & BBQ Cleaner 750mL
AKTIVO Easy Off Oven + BBQ Cleaner removes grease, oil and carbon build-up. With a powerful, non-cau..
Price: $12.95
Glass + Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner 250mL
AKTIVO Glass + Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner is a eco friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable and fine abr..
Price: $12.95
Sanitiser Softener Laundry Rinse 1Lt
AKTIVO Sanitiser Softener Laundry Rinse is a super concentrate sanitiser and softener. Incorporating..
Price: $17.95
Soak & Booster Stain Remover 1Kg
AKTIVO Soak + Booster Stain Remover is a super concentrate that will get your clothes cleaner even w..
Price: $17.95
Stainless Steel Cooktop Cleaner 250ml
AKTIVO Stainless Steel Cooktop Cleaner is a powerful environmentally friendly, non-scratch heavy-dut..
Price: $12.95
Stainless Steel Polish 250mL
AKTIVO Stainless Steel Polish is a light oil polish for stainless steel and architectural metals. It..
Price: $12.95
Super Concentrate Laundry Powder 5Kg
AKTIVO Super Concentrate Laundry Powder, as the name says, is a super concentrated laundry powder wh..
Price: $58.95