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Specialty Chemicals

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All Solv Extreme 350ml
Multi-Purpose Stain Remover All Solv Extreme is a multi-purpose gelled solvent formulated for use..
Price: $38.50
Aqua Mix® Cement Grout Haze Remover 3.8Lt
Formerly known as Phosphoric Acid Substitute, Cement Grout Haze Remover is an acidic treatment desig..
Price: $70.96
Aqua Mix® Cement Grout Haze Remover 946mL
Formerly known as Phosphoric Acid Substitute, Cement Grout Haze Remover is an acidic treatment desig..
Price: $32.25
Atomic Degreaser - Fire & Soot Cleaner
Benefect Botanical Atomic Degreaser - Fire & Soot is a heavy-duty Cleaner & D..
Price: $79.85
Bridgepoint Avenge Pro 350ml
Your do everything spotter!! Avenge Spotter has long been the standard for professionals to safel..
Price: $20.65
Bridgepoint Professional Spotting Kit
The Bridgepoint Profesional Spotting Kit comes with all the tools a professional cleaner needs to ..
Price: $320.00
Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner Bucket 3.63kg
Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner is composed of thousands of tiny particles that look and act li..
Price: $185.08
Carpet Cleaner Industrial Compound 10Kg
Soft, biological and natural compound for low moisture carpet cleaning Art.No. C 1150 1 x 10 kg..
Price: $137.50
Carpet Dry Cleaning Prespray 20Lt
Ready To use high quality Bonnet cleaning chemical. Does not contain any optical brighteners. ..
Price: $68.20
Descaler 946mL
This specially formulated solution will safely and effectively remove scale build-up from your heati..
Price: $21.45
Destroyer 5Lt
A high powered alkaline cleaner designed for the heaviest of grease cleaning of hard surfaces. It ca..
Price: $65.00
Dust Mite Anti Allergen
DUST MITE ANTI ALLERGEN TREATMENT Allergy Relief Treatment deactivates the allergen in dust mite fec..
Price: $41.00
Encapuguard Green 3.79Lt
EncapuGuard GREEN Post Cleaning Protective Treatment employs the use of soil resistance, stain prote..
Price: $63.80
Flamefix - Flame Retardant 5Lt
Designed for fire-retardation of soft fabrics to be used as upholstery or curtains. Can also be used..
Price: $100.00
Formula #801 Dry Cleaning Solvent
Specifically designed for dry cleaning fabrics using hand or machine cleaning techniques. Developed ..
Price: $71.50
Formula "D" 5Lt
Fine Fabric Rinse Browning Prevention/Correction Dye Stabilizer. Th..
Price: $53.90
GOS 92 Solvent Graffiti Remover - 1 Litre
GOS 92 is a concentrated blend of solvents, powerful emulsifiers and penetrating agents designed for..
Price: $29.30
Hydro-Force Viper Venom 3.78Lt
If you prefer a high alkaline, solvent fortified chemical to deal with heavy soil on hard surfaces....
Price: $47.85
Leather Conditioner
Hand finish on most types of leather to give a soft wax natural feel Directions: Clean as d..
Price: $70.95
Leather Wash
Mild washing agent to clean leather and furniture upholstery Directions: Vacuum leather to ..
Price: $40.15
Maxpack Traffic Lane Cleaner 5Lt
Ultra-concentrated prespray Can safely and effectively clean all types of synthetic carpet incl..
Price: $67.30
Mist N Brush Encapsulating System 5Lt
Mist and brush is an interim maintenance carpet cleaning system that can be used with the speed and ..
Price: $53.46
Mop Oil A 20Lt
Mop Oil A 20Lt is a versatile penetrating oil with a multitude of uses, including as a wooden floor ..
Price: $144.75
Odorcide 210 Concentrate Original
*3.79Lt Bottle Only* Odorcide 210 is a safe, economical and effective deodorizing product that le..
Price: $159.72
Odorcide 210 Fire & Flood 3.79Lt
*3.79Lt Bottle Only* Odorcide 210 for fire and flood is a safe and effective tool for eliminating..
Price: $159.72
OdorX Thermo-55™
Powerful heat-activated odor counteractant. Utilizing a blend of highly purified petroleum solvents..
Price: $125.00
Red Relief Wool 3x474mL
Removing synthetic food dye stains from wool especially wool that has been dyed with vegetable dyes ..
Price: $49.50
RedZONE Ready 946mL
RedZONE Ready is a one step, highly effective, food and beverage stain removal process that is desig..
Price: $32.90
Spice Air Premium Odour Counteractant 3.79Lt
When It Smells Clean It is Clean! The sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses. When yo..
Price: $62.45
Spot Stop 940ml
The encapsulating polymer additive will virtually eliminate wicking of soil or spills after effectiv..
Price: $46.20
Stain Magic Part A & B
Furniture Stain Remover Stains that were thought to be impossible to remove are now simply vanish..
Price: $35.20
Stainzone 940ml
Single Product Stain Remover – Works Like Magic! New Stain Zone removes almost all impossible sta..
Price: $75.65
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