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Cleaning Machines

Machinery & Accessories

We are distributors for most of the popular brands of machinery, such as Dri-Eaz, Rotowash, Super Clean, US Products, Numatic, Kerrick, Karcher, Pullman, Pac Vac, Polivac, Rotobic, Bramil, MotorScrubber, and Hoover. Reconditioned floor polishers are available and steam cleaning machines from 4.5 bar to 10 bar.

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2500HS Multi-Surface Truckmount
Expand your service offerings with Sapphire's maximum value single-wand unit. Designed specifically ..
Price: $0.00
370SS Truckmount
The AMAZING 2018 370SS – Sapphire's #1 bestseller – now has a hot new look with carbon fib..
Price: $0.00
Apex 570 Truckmount
New Cerakote ceramic-coating lowers the heat radiation on all exhaust components by more than 30% to..
Price: $0.00
BD2500 LGR Dehumidifier
Rethinking the portable dehumidifier The BD2500 packs state-of-the-art LGR technology into the mo..
Price: $3,630.00
Everest 870HP Truckmount
The most powerful cleaning and extraction truckmount pairs a liquid-cooled fuel-injected Kubota 4-cy..
Price: $0.00
Extension Cord - Heavy Duty 20m
20m heavy duty extension cord. 10 Amp / 220-250 Volts. High visibility yellow. Clear moulded plug an..
Price: $44.00
Extension Cord 10m
10m ordinary duty extension cord. 10 Amp / 220-250 Volts. High visibility bright orange. Moulded plu..
Price: $30.25
Extension Cord 20m
20m ordinary duty extension cord. 10 Amp / 220-250 Volts. High visibility bright orange. Moulded plu..
Price: $31.85
Floor Brush - Quick Release Soft Poly - 40cm
High quality quick release soft polypropylene brush, 40cm, to suit Polivac machines.  W..
Price: $121.00
Floor Pad - White Magic Eraser 40cm
Designed to erase stubborn marks on hard smooth floors such as tiles, lino, vinyl, timber, concrete ..
Price: $30.25
Floor Pad Holder - Instalok 40cm Pad Holder with Shower Feed Holes
Quick release Instaloc floor pad holder, 40cm, to suit Polivac machines.  We can supply a ra..
Price: $158.75
Floor Tool - Gulper Advance 35mm
The Gulper Advance Floor Tool with Patented Ball Bearings Wheels & rubber bumper bar. Perfect..
Price: $39.95
Floor Tool - Mega Gulper Advance 35mm
The Mega Gulper Advance Vacuum Floor Tool is perfect for commercial cleaners. Featuring an extra-wid..
Price: $49.95
Floor Tool - Wessel Combination 32mm
Wessel-Werk top quality combination floor tool, standard, 32mm. For use on hard and soft floors. &nb..
Price: $38.95
Floor Tool - Wessel Gulper 32mm
Wessel-Werk Low Profile Gulper Floor Tool - With Wheels. 32mm wand. Other sizes available on request..
Price: $38.95
Ghibli T1 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner
GHIBLI T1 Backpack. This quality, compact, light, handy and powerful backpack vacuum cleaner is Euro..
Price: $395.00
IPC CT15 Walk-Behind Battery Floor Scrubber
Small in size, handy and compact, the CT 15 walk behind scrubber dryer is ideal for cleaning domes..
Price: $0.00
IPC CT5 Walk-Behind Battery Floor Scrubber
CT5 is the mini-scrubber with great performance. The cleaning power of the disc brush and perfe..
Price: $0.00
LGR 7000XLi
Leading performer in XL category Breaking the performance barriers as the new category leader, th..
Price: $4,235.00
Lindhaus VH Dynamic 450 Upright Vacuum
The Dynamic is available in three cleaning widths and is perfect for all needs from small to large. ..
Price: $1,089.00
Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaner
A popular vacuum around the world, Henry also offers a reliable construction and quality that is bui..
Price: $435.00
Pacvac Duo 700
Pacvac have engineered the Superpro Duo 700 to feature a specialised by-pass motor which delivers ad..
Price: $449.00
Pacvac Glide Wispa 300
Perfect for the Hospitality Industry including Hotels, Resorts and Nursing Homes. Features: 13..
Price: $359.00
Pacvac Micron 700
The Superpro Micron 700 boasts a HEPA rated high grade filter that traps 99.999% of fine dust partic..
Price: $449.00
Pacvac SuperPro 700
The Pacvac Superpro 700 backpack vacuum is a reliable commercial machine that offers great 4-stage f..
Price: $395.00
Pacvac SuperPro 700 Battery
Designed with advanced battery-power and a brushless motor, this cordless backpack vacuum is the per..
Price: $1,199.00
Pacvac Thrift 650
The Thrift 650 is an ultra-lightweight machine, encompassing entry level accessories to suit the cos..
Price: $299.00
Pacvac Wispa 700
The Superpro Wispa 700 is an ultra-lightweight, quiet machine, designed to give users the option of ..
Price: $449.00
PEX 500 Portable Extractor
  Mobility Reliability and Performance Rolled Into One The PEX® Series are the result of ..
Price: $7,300.00
Pullman Advance Commander 900
The Pullman Advance Commander 900 is a carefully designed backpack vacuum cleaner that is extremely ..
Price: $349.00
Rage Truckmount
Getting started in carpet cleaning? Ready to graduate from portables to truckmount performance? Need..
Price: $0.00
Rotovac 360i
The new Rotovac 360i is a Rotary Extraction Power Head that utilizes rotary vacuum heads to thorough..
Price: $3,960.00
Rotovac Powerwand
The Patented Rotovac Powerwand operates with one hand like an upright vacuum cleaner. There is never..
Price: $4,389.00
Rotowash R20
The Rotowash R20 is an ideal unit in the home or for smaller commercial needs such as washrooms, med..
Price: $0.00
Safety Switch RCD
Portbable RCD (Residual Current Device) replaces the normal male plug on appliances and extension co..
Price: $47.25
Stingray Indoor Cleaning Kit 100
Window Cleaning got a whole lot easier! FASTER New one step „Apply and Clean“ Techn..
Price: $533.50
Super Clean Air Mover 3/4 HP
If you're looking for an air mover that is high on performance yet soft on the wallet. The Super ..
Price: $425.00
Tennant T2 Walk-Behind Battery Floor Scrubber
Get Tennant-quality construction and cleaning performance at an affordable price with this battery p..
Price: $0.00
Tennant T300e Walk-Behind Battery Floor Scrubber
Clean virtually any hard surface, including porous stone, grout and finished concrete with the Tenna..
Price: $0.00
Vacuum Bag -Pacvac Glide Cloth Bag
Pacvac commercial single reusable cloth bag for Pacvac Glide.  ..
Price: $41.25
Vacuum Bag Pacvac Superpro 700 Cloth Bag
Re-useable cloth bag for Pacvac Superpro 700 Backpack ..
Price: $33.00
Vacuum Bent End 32mm
Plastic with chrome tip, hul & ring.  ..
Price: $22.00
Vacuum Wand 32mm
Quality steel wand with chrome finish, 32mm.  ..
Price: $15.95
Velo Air Mover
Powerful airmover delivers restoration-grade air movement in a highly portable package High perfo..
Price: $550.00
Windsor Sensor XP 12" Upright Vacuum
The Windsor SENSOR XP 12 is the smartest vacuum cleaner on the planet. Never before has&nb..
Price: $1,004.30
Windsor Sensor XP 15" Upright Vacuum
The Windsor SENSOR XP 15 is the smartest vacuum cleaner on the planet. Never before has a vacuum bee..
Price: $1,094.50